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Civic Education-Hallmark of Democracy A 4-Part Town Hall Series

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Civic Education-Hallmark of Democracy

Civic Education-Hallmark of Democracy Sponsored by the Daily Item and the League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area A 4-part TOWN HALL SERIES

Part I: Trust, Transparency and the News
Tuesday, September 19, 7:00pm- Old LAHS auditorium

The Town Hall will be moderated by Lisa Hurm, Vice President and General Manager of the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette and Secretary/Treasurer of the Pennsylvania News Media Association. The keynote speaker is Linda Beck, communications adjunct professor at HACC. After Linda's presentation, she will join a panel comprised of Dennis Lyons, editor for the Daily Item, and Teri MacBride of the League of Women Voters for a Q & A session.

Part II: Union County/Municipal Government-What Do I Need To Know

Wed., October 4 at 7:00 pm, Fellowship Hall at St John's United Church, 1050 Buffalo Rd., Lewisburg

Find out about the services Union County and local government municipalities provide using our tax dollars. How do these government bodies plan for growth and change? How do they implement public services such as safety and response, road surfacing, zoning permits and protections, and utilities in some areas (i.e.Mifflinburg). The participants in this event are: Facilitator- Mary Margaret Rostan; Panelists: Union County Commissioner-Preston Boop; Mifflinburg Borough Manager-Margaret Metzger; Lewisburg Borough Mayor-Judith Wagner; East Buffalo Township Supervisor-Hank Baylor; White Deer Twp. Emergency Management Coordinator-Larry Maynard.

Part III: How the Legislative and Executive Branches of our State and Federal Governments Operate

Tuesday, October 10 at 7:00 pm East Buffalo Township Building, 589 Fairground Rd., Lewisburg

Topics- How legislative districts are created & changed, how a law is created & passed, how laws are carried out by federal & state agencies, the power & responsibilities of the legislative & executive branch to shape and deliver program to citizens, and opportunities for citizens to engage in these activities. Facilitator: Stacy Richards. Panelists include Susquehanna University professors-Dr. Michele DeMary and Dr. Rolfe Daus Peterson; Director SEDA-COG- Stacy Richards; and recently retired litigator PA DEP, Amy Ershler.

Part IV: Why Courts Matter

Wednesday, November 15, 7:00 pm East Buffalo Township Building, 589 Fairground Rd., Lewisburg

This program will feature a presentation on our system of checks and balances among the three branches of government. It will explain the important role of the courts and the workings of our local and state courts, how the federal courts work, and the role of the Supreme Court of the United States in our court system. Panel: Hon. Louise Knight, Senior Judge, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas; Fred Martin, Esquire, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania; Mary Beth Clark, Esq., Litigator and League of Women Voters of Lewisburg Area Board Member.

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Voters Guide Editors

Thanks to Sue......

This year marks the retirement of Susan Travis as editor of our League's much heralded and respected Voters Guide. Sue was the editor or co-editor of 19 editions of the Voters Guide. When asked what she liked about this work Sue said the best part was getting to know League members, some of whom she otherwise might not have gotten to know. Many of these co-workers became her friends. Sue also enjoyed researching and writing the educational/informational pieces on voting she wrote to use in the guide. When talking with Sue, it doesn't take long to recognize that anything that has to do with voting is a passion for her. On Election Day Sue can be found on duty at the Kelly Township, precinct 1, polling place as the Judge of Elections. Previously she served as Clerk of Elections. In 2002, Sue, along with other League members in co-operation with the Union County Board of Elections produced a training manual for county poll workers. In 2008 this same group of people worked on revisions to the training manual. In 2006 voting machines came to Union County. Sue organized and trained League members to teach voters how to vote using the machines. These volunteers went on the road with the machines to train voters, including sessions at the Susquehanna Valley Mall. In 2012 it appeared that Voter ID legislation would be passed that would leave some voters without the correct form of ID to vote. Sue, Ann Grundstrom, and other League members worked all summer long to inform those who might be affected by this legislation on how to get the ID they needed to vote. Sue's other League activities include serving on the Board of Directors for 14 years, President from 2010- 2012, Voter Services chair 2002 & 2008, and slide show producer using pictures of our League's various activities. Sue's story in her words: When I was in my early 20's I went to the polls in my hometown on a primary election day, where my father was running for town council. While there, I saw a young man come in to vote, and proudly announce that he was a first time voter after recently becoming an American citizen. However, he wasn't registered for a major party, and since it was a closed primary he was unable to vote. I watched the poll worker tell him he can't vote, without explaining the reason why. I saw him leave, crestfallen, and couldn't resist following him out so I could explain it to him. He was so grateful, and pleased to understand why he couldn't vote now, and to know that he definitely could vote in November, I told myself someday, I would become a poll worker, and I would encourage people to vote, and would never rudely turn them away without an explanation. Once I retired from work, that promise became a reality, and I've been doing it ever since. Editing the Voters Guide also fulfilled that mission of educating and encouraging voter participation, which is the basis of Democracy. During the last election, Phyllis Dyer, a Judge at a different precinct, told me about a woman who came to vote, but was new to the area and didn't know much about the candidates. Phyllis gave her a Voters Guide and she spent 45 minutes reading it. Then she proudly went to vote because she now knew who she wanted to vote for and why. Before she left the polling place she thanked Phyllis and everyone in the League who works on the Voters Guide for providing such invaluable information to voters. Stories like this and seeing people come in to my precinct on Election Day and immediately go to the table for a Voters Guide, absolutely, makes all the work that's put into it worthwhile. Although I've given up my position as Editor of the Guide, I still hope to contribute, and will continue as Judge of Election...helping voters, which not only includes giving information, verifying credentials, etc. but also occasionally holding babies so young mothers can vote, opening doors so a wheel chair bound person can vote, and basically doing whatever is needed to make election day run smoothly. I feel privileged to be able do this worthwhile job. I also feel privileged to work with such wonderful, capable, and committed people in the League and on the Election Board.

...and Liz too, Liz Clement is also retiring from her duties as Voters Guide Editor. Liz has served as editor and co-editor of 5 Voters Guides and has been a compiler/proofer of 5 guides. You will recognize Liz as the treasurer of our League. As treasurer Liz has served on our League's board of directors for 11 years. Liz continues the tradition of a VG editor who dots every "i" and crosses every "t" when she is working on the guide. This is how Liz described her work as Voters Guide editor: "I joined the League as a way to give back for all the years I religiously read the Voters Guide and took it into the polls with me. It's so rewarding to work on it now and then see it at distribution points all over the county, and to hear people saying how helpful and informative it is."

...there is a new VG editor in town, her name is Sheri. Sheri Stayton joined our League in 2016. Almost immediately she found the place she wanted to be, working on the Voters Guide. Sheri's first VG was the spring 2017 edition. Welcome Sheri! A grateful League thanks you for taking on this project.

Fair Districts PA Website

From Carol Kuniholm, LWV of PA, representative to Fair Districts PA

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Take some time to explore the site. It now has pages for local groups, a robust FAQ section and other significant improvements. We are happy to have a tool that will help us inform, engage and motivate citizens in the difficult work of redistricting reform.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to work to restore a representative democracy where every vote counts and every voice is heard.

Marilyn Murphy

At the recent Annual Dinner Meeting of the LWVLA Marilyn Murphy was awarded the Jill Reynolds Service Award for her tireless behind the scenes work to bring people into the League and make them feel welcome. Marilyn was cited as the personal embodiment of the positive energy and the welcoming culture of openness and acceptance that has come to characterize our League. Pictured L-R- Marilyn Brill, Marilyn Murphy, and Susan Warner-Mills.

Elayne Sobel

Elayne Sobel was awarded the Judy Anderson Community Service Award at our League's Annual Dinner Meeting. This award recognizes her service to the Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center (CSVMC) from its inception. She presently serves as a volunteer Board Member and as a Volunteer Mediator. Her past service to CSVMC has been as president for 3 years, as treasurer, and as secretary. Pictured L-R: Cynthia Peltier, Elayne Sobel, and Susan Warner-Mills.

Marilyn Brill Speaks at LWVPA Convention

Marilyn Brill, Membership Chair, shares her expertise on building League membership with those who are attending the LWV of PA convention, June 2-4, 2017. Marilyn credits her hard-working committee for the successful results of increasing the membership of our League.

Tour of capitol and debate on bills

On Friday March 17 one hundred ninth grade Lewisburg Area High School students took a trip to the state capitol in Harrrisburg along with 10 teachers and aides to chaperone. They toured the stunningly ornate capitol building and presented Pro and Con arguments to State Representative Fred Keller on 4 different bills in the official House Caucus Room. High school social studies teacher Dakota Gessner and his students selected the bills ahead of time so that Rep. Keller could prepare to engage students in discussion. The League's Mauch Project fund paid for the three buses as well as water and snacks for the trip. Please look for more complete coverage of this exciting event in the local media in the coming days. Our very great thanks to Rep. Keller and his staff; to Mr. Gessner, Mrs. Rapp and their colleagues at the high school, and to the students who attended and engaged so completely in the events of this exciting day!