Making Democracy Work

Mauch Millennial Project

Engaging millennials in the civic life of our community and nation

Mauch Millennial Project/LWVLA

BACKGROUND In 2016, the LWVLA was the recipient of a generous grant from League members Rebecca and James Mauch for the purpose of identifying and implementing strategies for engaging millennials in the civic life of our democracy. (Both income and principal from the fund will be used to support the project.)

MISSION and VISION The mission of the LWVLA Mauch Millennial Project is to engage young people (aged approximately 16-35) in the civic life of our democracy in the United States in general and specifically in the LWVLA's service area of Union County, PA. The LWVLA envisions that the Project will instill in the young people involved a life-long passion for and engagement in the civic life of our democracy.

GOALS The goal of the LWVLA Mauch Millennial Project is to develop and implement a series of initiatives from 2016 through 2020, that will encourage young people in Union County to learn about and collectively engage in their democracy through

  • Voter education and other electoral support activities
  • Civil discourse regarding issues facing citizens and legislators at all levels of government
  • Other fundamental activities of a democratic system, including legislative processes at all levels, the judicial process, the preservation and protection of the Constitutions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States, and otherwise upholding the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy

Bucknell Fellowship Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Bucknell-Mauch Fellowship Program, an initiative co-sponsored by the Bucknell Political Science Department and the League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area (LWVLA), is designed to enhance political participation among the Bucknell student body through a series of student-run election forums. These facilitated discussions are intended to communicate the importance of voting, learning about election-related issues, engaging in informed debate on decisive issues, and expressing views to elected representatives or those seeking public office.

Four forums on issues germane to prospective federal elections are being held in the fall of 2016 (early Sept., early Oct., early Nov. and post-election). These forums are named, organized and led by this year's Mauch Student Fellows Brady Clapp and Emily Cottle, who were chosen for their knowledge of and interest in the political process.

Student fellows lead discussion of 2016 election- an article from the Bucknell newspaper The Bucknellian, September 16, 2016. Click here to read the article Read more about this program in the Bucknell Magazine at: